New Shooting Accessories,  Introducing the GRS Bipod!

There is absolutely no way to overstate how important it is – for safety, accuracy and results – to have a proper stance and a proper stabilization before you even think of getting your finger close to the trigger. 

Shooting is preparation-preparation-preparation, that culminates into a single tiny fraction of a second that will make-or-break your shot.

At GRS Riflestocks we are continuously thinking of ways to improve your shooting, taking all factors and variables into account – as such, we tend to analyze all the shooting accessories developed to optimize shooting and think of ways to improve them.  The new GRS Bipod is the paradigm of that approach: we studied all the bipods we could get our hands on, checked for their strengths and weaknesses, and developed a bipod that will pair  with your rifle in the unforgettable GRS Riflestocks way.

Here are the five main reasons you’ll love this new GRS shooting accessories:

1) The new GRS bipod is rugged, easy to use and ergonomically improved with all the qualities of a state-of-the-art. It was originally designed for prone heavy-duty shooting, top-mounted on the Ragnarok chassis stock, but quickly we saw its usefulness in all other rifles and mounts. 

2) The new GRS bipod It is built upon a reliable design, with a simple and highly functional operation – it should be fitted to our own GRS spigot, which has tighter tolerances than the normal spigot-mounted bipods.

3) The new GRS bipod is height-adjustable from 220 mm to 315 mm – in 10 mm steps. Besides the typical top-mounting, it can also be used on spigots mounted in the forend, underneath the barrel.

4) The new GRS bipod’s feet can be rotated individually to provide any combination of smooth or clawed surface. 5) The new GRS bipod’s height and angle adjustments are easily done via large spring-loaded buttons, with a lock-screw on rotation after leveling.

GRS Riflestocks was created with the purpose of rethinking ways to improve shooting’s fundamentals – that’s what’s behind our core concept on accessories – including our new GRS bipod. 

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