About us

At Grodås, a small town in Hornindal, Norway, the history of GRS began. It has grown to become an internationally recognized brand for innovation and new thinking in the shooting and hunting industry. It is a development characterized by curiosity, drive, and entrepreneurship. Read more about how we make what we believe are the best rifle stocks on the market, and why they make you a better shooter.

The beginning

The company Grodås Møbler AS (Grodås furniture AS) was started in 1983 by Oddvin and Anne-Lise Haugen (Håvard and Oscar’s parents) in the basement of their house. The business grew so rapidly that in 1985 they had to invest in a separate factory building. The company became well known for its high-quality products. Oddvin Haugen’s passion and the companys smart and effective solutions became Grodås Møbler AS’s business model. Both Håvard and Oscar – their older children – worked in the factory almost every day after-school, where they were taught young entrepreneurs’ fundamental skills. Oddvin’s passion was passed onto the next generation.

Passion for hunting, passion for shooting

Both Håvard and Oscar shared an early passion for shooting and hunting. Håvard bought his first guns and ammo magazine in 1985 – when he was just 11 years old. Both brothers read eagerly about weapons and developed a focused interest in the weapons industry. To this day, Oscar remains a passionate hunter, shooter, and fisher, while Håvard tends to prefer shooting. “He was never bitten by the big game of hunting that afflicts me,” says Oscar with a grin.

After graduating from college, Håvard started working in the family company and – in the late 1990’s – started to work with CNC programming and machining. The newer CNC technology was a game-changer in the industry, opening up nearly limitless possibilities.

We use the insights we collected from our years in Norwegian nature to develop all our shooting tools, as we do in the choosing of all our daily life’s tools. GRS’s headquarters and factory lie uphill from Grodås, uphill into the wild.
The Hornindal lake we see from our windows is the deepest in Europe and is one stone’s throw away from the Nordfjord, where the Vikings ruled with their mighty ships back in the days.
We hunt in all seasons and fish on most. We have in our minds that good quality will take you there and back, and poor quality may take you there but won’t bring you back.