Whitetail hunting

In my corner of the world, college football is a big deal.   For the misguided, this is what fall is all about.  For others, those of us who have not strayed from what is good and right, fall means hunting season – deer hunting.   For me, and I suspect most, hunting will be close to home this year.   This suits me just fine.   Over the last few years, I’ve spent more than a few hours (and dollars) on making my preferred local hunting spot as inviting as possible to the good ole Odocoileus virginianus and I enjoy benefiting from the fruits of my labor.   I’ve planted pears, persimmons, plums, and chestnuts. A couple weeks back, ahead of 3 inches of rain in 6 days, I broadcast some radish seeds.   Hopefully, I have something they will find appetizing.

This year, I plan to hunt with my 308 Winchester.   It is a Remington 700 in a left-handed GRS Sporter. fitted with a 22-inch M24 profile barrel. The scope is a Nightforce 3.5- 15 X 50.   Most of my hunting will be from a box stand and the walk there will be short.   This rifle’s weight and steadiness is a benefit in the stand and I won’t be carrying it far enough for it to be a burden.   The GRS Sporter is perfectly suited for this type of hunting.   Mine is in the Nordic Wolf color scheme.   This rifle is as accurate as it is striking.

GRS Laminate stock

The box stand is big enough for two.   When the stars line up, my wife (and favorite hunting partner) will come along. Her hunting rifle is a Savage 10 GRS chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor.   The Savage 10 GRS features the GRS Berserk.   The Berserk is the composite progeny of the GRS Sporter, making a great stock design even better. The Rifle is topped with a Zeiss 4-16 x 44. Very Accurate (rifle and shooter)!

GRS Composite stock

(Aside: Advise on taking your wife hunting.   Don’t start with bird hunting. Especially not South Dakota pheasant hunting.   Big Sky, Dogs darting, Birds flying, excitement all day long. In comparison, deer hunting will seem boring.)

A good season for me is a generous amount of time in nature and meat in the freezer.   Last year was a good season and I’m excited about the start of this season.  What are your plans for this season? What rifle will you take and who is coming along with you?   How do you define a good deer season?  

Jerry Davenport
Head of sales North America
GRS Riflestocks AS