The FX Crown Arrow, my first hunt, and kill with an arrow!

There are not too many new firsts for me when it comes to hunting. The FX Crown Arrow gave me an experience I had never had before; hunting with an arrow is intriguing. Check it out!

I just spent a week in South Georgia hunting for Hogs, whitetail, and Coyotes with my good friends Eric and Chad from Iraqveteran8888 and Chris Turek from UpNorthairgunner. It was fantastic!

I had a chance to hunt whitetail with the FX Crown Arrow, which has a GRS stock (of course). This beast shot 338f/s with 225-grain broadheads, an insane combination that performed way above my expectations.

Here is a video from Chris that shows what we did. He is terrific at explaining the science behind what we do. If you want to skip, my hunt starts at 9:29

The setup I used was the following:

As you see in the video, it worked out pretty well!
I felt confident taking the shot on the spike. Yes, I shot a spike. I am a meat hunter, not a trophy hunter. My mental stop distance was 30 yards, so this one was well within the limit for the first shot.

Testing the broadheads on a Hog.

Another thing we did in Cris’s video was to test the two different rifles we used on a Hog Carcass. You might think this disrespects the hog, but the carcass is not good to eat when it is an adult hog. The second thing is that we shoot them to stop them from destroying the farmer’s crop, and they really do an extreme amount of damage. Third, the Hog body is extremely tough, so if the tests work on a Hog, it will work on any big game animal. There really is no substitute for testing with other media.

Keith from 68Whiskey and I hunted in Georgia in March for pigs, and he did not get the results he wanted, so he continued testing when he got home. He recommended using single-bevel broadheads. We finally tested ourselves, and Keith’s findings are the best we have seen. 

That wraps up this story. I am so happy I was able to do this with my good friends. Please make sure to subscribe to Iraqveteran8888 and UpNorthairgunner.

I can not wait to show you the hunt where I shot a Hog at 622 Yards with thermals at night. IV8888 will publish this shortly. Stay tuned for more!

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Oscar Haugen
CEO GRS Riflestocks AS