The stock that adapts to you

Superior ergonomics and adjustability. Made in Hornindal, Norway, we offer a variety of rifle stocks in composites and laminate models.

Choose between the field-proven models in Laminate or Composite models below.

GRS Bipod

Bipods & Accessories

GRS Bifrost

Composite stock

GRS Fenris

Composite stock

GRS Hunter light

Laminate stock

GRS Warg

Composite stock

GRS Ragnarok

Composite stock

GRS Riflestocks is distributed in 39 countries worldwide, from New Zealand to Alaska. Use the new dealer locator to find your dealer!

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GRS stocks are a favorite for hunters and shooters in the field. Their ergonomics and adjustability make them an adaptable platform for any shooting position.

Testimonials from customers around the world!

The GRS Warg is a fantastic shooting platform. I love the adjustments & ergonomics. A perfect long-range platform for my 300WSM

Matt Dubber

South Africa

I love the sporter stock, it has brought my shooting and hunting to another level. I feel more confident than ever! My rifle finally fit me!

Elisabeth Idland


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The FX Crown Arrow, my first hunt, and kill with an arrow!

Savage 110 Carbon GRS Fenris, 6,5 PRC Pronghorn hunt.