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Sporting model



The best ergonomic stock in the shooting industry!

A full and lowered fore end gives a good grip and helps improve the standing shooting position. The grip has a 6 degree angle to the side to aid the shooter to an ergonomically correct position. The new model is adjusted in grip size and length of pull based of customer feedback.

The GRS models Berserk, Hunter and Sporter come with the new and updated GRS SpeedLock system from March 2017. The GRS models Hybrid and X Eater will be delivered with the new system from May 2017. The GRS Bolthorn will continue as is, and will not be updated.

The new adjustment system locks on the maximum LOP of 30 mm. The current adjustment system has a 28 mm maximum LOP.

The GRS Sporter is replacing the following GRS 2016 models:
GRS Sporter Varmint
GRS Decima Sporter

System inlets list


  • Oiled finish
  • 0.5" Limbsaver/GRS recoil pad
  • Birch Laminate
  • SpeedLock adjustment
  • LOP 33.5 - 36.5 cm
  • Total length 76 cm
  • Fore end width 53 mm
  • 30 mm adjustment LOP and cheekpiece
  • Weight 1380 grams (+ - 10% depending on weapon inlet)
  • Glass bedding recommended.
  • Same price for RH and LH stocks!
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Varmint barrel contour